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    مُساهمة  كوريا في الجمعة يونيو 08, 2012 10:33 pm

    لقب : U-KNOW | U-know YunHo (유노윤호 or 瑜卤允浩)

    الأسم الحقيقي : Jung YunHo (정윤호, 鄭允浩)

    الطول : 184سم

    الوزن : 66 كلغ

    تاريخ الميلاد : فبراير 6, 1986

    مكان الولاده : Gwangju (광주)

    الفرقه : TVXQ

    الرتبه : قائد الفرقه

    الهوايات : الموسيقى والقراءة ولعب الرياضة

    المميزات : الرقص

    الديانه : المسيحيه


    جونغ يونهو هو ثاني عضو يضاف إلى الفرقه

    وتميز بالسرعه ودقة الرقص ^^ وترأس

    جونغ يونهو الرئاسه على الفرقه لأنه يمتلك

    المؤهلات أبتدأ جونغ ينهو بالرقص منذ أن

    كان في الصف السابع وقاد فريق الرقص

    في مدرسته بالنسبه لعائلته لم يكونو في

    وضع جيد بالنسبه للمال وبذالك أظطر إلى

    الأنتقال من المنزل وقد عمل في أعمال

    صغيره كثيره ولاكن متعبه كي يجمع المال

    لأخته كي تستكمل دراستها :in_love: :in_love: فديته

    وفي ذالك الوقت كان في الصف التاسع

    في 15 تشرين الاول / اكتوبر 2006 ، تم نقله

    الى المستشفى بعد تسممه بعد ان اعطته

    احد معجباته شراب مسموم وبعد نقله

    واجه ينهو صعوبات كثيره لاكن بعد ان تخطى

    تلك الصعوبات لم يرد ان يقاضي تلك الفتات

    لأنها كانت في نفس عمر أخته ولم يرد ذالك

    أشياء لطيفه جدا عنه

    1. Don't tell him to lose weight! He said that his Winnie the Pooh's tummy is fill with fan's love.
    2. He is serious when working so Don't talk to him at that time!
    3. When fans are pulling his hair and cloths he will smile to them but actually he doesn't like it!
    4. Do not compete with or challenge him. He won't let himself lose to you!
    5. Do not stand close to him when he is dancing. His powerful hand move may injure you!
    6. He likes unique fan's letter. So decorated your letter with beautiful pattern!
    7. When raining, he likes to write novel so he won't go out during raining!
    8. He don't like to get too intimate (hugging and touching) with people he is not close to, so don't hug him.
    9. He cares about his fans very much so he don't like fans to force themselves to get very near them 'cos it is dangerous. He likes fans to stand and watch them from a bit distance for their safety.
    10. People said that he is a very polite and knowledgeable leader.
    11. Yunho is a very bad boy to girls. He would tease them until they cry.
    12. Yunho's mom and dad are student leaders in school. They would always run for student election until they realize that they suited one another.
    13. Yunho once caught watching porn and he told them that it's an assignment.
    14. Yunho once fell in love with a girl that never really love him. She became his girlfriend but later on she broke up with him. Yunho convinced his friends to give her a surprise. She was touched and get back at him but yunho later realize that she could never learn to love him. Thus, he set her free.
    15. Yunho is a great fan of the girl in Sassy Girl.
    16. Yunho sleeps diagonally

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